Bloggity Blog

You may be wondering why I decided to start a blog and more importantly what will I write about…

Should I have a theme to this blog? Should I blog my way through something. Should I blog my way through the OTHER Julia Child cookbook “The French Chef Cookbook” where she has ALL of the recipes she used on her show? My friend Max is blogging his way through the AFI’s Top 100 movies. Should I blog my way through slasher films? I don’t know if blogging after each entry into the Halloween series or the Friday the 13th series would be as interesting to others as it would be to me. I could blog my way through a TV series. Jaime told me I’d put readers to sleep if I blogged my way through each awesome episode of “Dawson’s Creek”, so maybe that isn’t such a great idea.

I guess for this first blog it will be the reason I thought of writing the blog in the first place. I guess I wanted a place to rant and see if I am right or wrong in my thinking. I went to a screening of Hitchcock’s The Birds last night at the Riverview. It’s a classic, duh. Now, I was mostly surrounded by movie nerds like myself but I was also surrounded stupid giggly people. These types of screenings of old classic horror movies are meant for nerds like myself NOT stupid people that can’t appreciate a classic. There were LOTS of people laughing throughout the whole movie. NOW don’t get me wrong. Hitch has a dark sense of humor and he definitely fits in a few quips and funny lines to show this, but the movie isn’t a comedy. There’s no reason to be laughing throughout the whole thing. This happened to me years ago when I saw The Exorcist. People were laughing throughout the whole movie like it was a comedy. Tippi was laying there getting pecked by the birds and people were laughing like it was a Mel Brooks scene. Have I become an old movie snob? Was I missing something? Were these people laughing being they appreciated the sick twistedness of Hitch or were they just plain out laughing at the movie because they have no appreciate for a classic. Have people my generation and younger lost the sense of a classic and good taste? Am I just a boring movie snob?