Bite Me So of the MANY things rolling around in my head lately that I just can’t shake, one of them happens to this Vampire craze that has taken over our culture. I will be honest. I will admit it. I have totally fallen for this goofy craze. I don’t want to say I was hesitant or resisted the craze, but I didn’t dive in head first like your typical twelve year old girl or desperate housewife.Past Vampire History for P McG: I feel like I was really into vampires when the movie version of Interview with a Vampire came out in theaters. I rememberRead More →

This blog is about women that I admire (even if I haven’t met two of them) Did everyone watch Saturday Night Live this weekend with the fabulous BETTY WHITE? They brought back some of the funniest ladies from the past ten years and it was such a hysterical show. Seriously one of the best SNLs in a long long time. Previous to SNL, I was watching a GOLDEN GIRLS marathon on the WE channel while I prepared the strata I made for breakfast. There’s something about watching The GGs that puts me in a terrific mood and relaxes me. The humor is so funny, sharp,Read More →

You may be wondering why I decided to start a blog and more importantly what will I write about… Should I have a theme to this blog? Should I blog my way through something. Should I blog my way through the OTHER Julia Child cookbook “The French Chef Cookbook” where she has ALL of the recipes she used on her show? My friend Max is blogging his way through the AFI’s Top 100 movies. Should I blog my way through slasher films? I don’t know if blogging after each entry into the Halloween series or the Friday the 13th series would be as interesting toRead More →