1. Here was my thought process…NO WAY!!!! A DRAFTHOUSE FINALY HERE IN MN!!!!! (does happy dance a few times, looks forward to all the special screenings)…wait, where is it? Woodbury?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!…(dies inside)

  2. People just dont get it…🎥 Movies are an escape to people and like church to others,its cool no judgment…personally its a sanctuary for my gang and I also…As for the drunken Texan debutuant chick b****ing about draft house and their rule banning phones in the theatre? This is such a small request right? Is it that difficult detaching yourself from a device for 2 hours to see a movie? C’mon guys, maybe it would be good for us..Just to see if we can do it. Yes, you may start to experience some minor hand tremors,confusion, headache and mild nausea from the phone withdrawal..I know its gotta b hard not being able to see what your mom’s sister’s friend had for a diet soda at lunch time today but….maybe they have a digital methadone or something right? Not!
    I’m just saying it’s a really stupid excuse for her to say she needs her phone to find her seat, go get an usher that’s what their for leave your phone in your car stop disrupting people

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