Movie Review: BOY ERASED

Movie Review: BOY ERASED

Writer/Director: Joel Edgerton
Starring: Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Joel Edgerton, Troye Sivan, Xavier Dolan, Britton Sear, Joe Alwyn, Cherry Jones

Lucas Hedges has secured himself as a promising star on the rise thanks to his work in Manchester by the Sea and Lady Bird. In Boy Erased, he continues his string of playing these fractured young men in that transition period of growing up. He plays Jared who realizes his truth of being gay while in college. It’s not an easy discovery, but one that comes with consequences given that his parents are deeply religious with his dad being a local pastor in their Arkansas town. His father is distraught over his son’s news and enrolls him in a gay conversation therapy program. Jared is forced to attend and becomes an eyewitness to the dangers and absurdity that come with these programs.

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