Movie Review: GET BACK UP

Movie Review: GET BACK UP


Director: Norry Niven
Starring: Justin Furstenfeld, Blue October

Drugs and rock and roll have been synonymous with each for years. The band Blue October can attest to the long lasting effects addiction has taken on lead singer Justin Furstenfeld in the new documentary Get Back Up. Furstenfeld holds nothing back in this eye-opening film. He’s someone who has battled substance abuse, mental health issues, and suicide attempts.

In order to understand the full picture, the documentary takes us back to Justin as a kid. His mother remembers how he was musically talented at such a young age and used his lyrics as the outlet to express his dark inner emotions. It’s these lyrics that would continue on with Blue October garnering a strong fan base. As the band’s success grew with concerts, tours, and late night appearances, the drug use within the band increased like we often see in the entertainment industry. Many try to cover it up and I applaud Justin for telling his story.

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