Director: Brie Larson
Starring: Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Mamoudou Athie, Joan Cusack, Bradley Whitford

Kit (Larson) is in the transition period of her life where she’s having a hard time growing up. She’s a painter who expresses her opinions in a variety of creative ways but she’s going nowhere with it and failing out of school. She spends far too much time sulking around her parents’ house. They’re losing faith in her ability to grow up, but she wants to prove them wrong by getting a temp job in a corporate setting. As you can imagine, Kit doesn’t feel like she really fits in, and to make matters worse, her new boss is a bit creepy. She starts to receive these mysterious cards with her name on them summoning to a worn down warehouse called “The store”. Inside she meets a flamboyant man who calls himself “The Salesman” He (Jackson) taps into her childlike innocence and creative nature and tells her that this is a unicorn store where she can one day own one of her own. Her childhood obsession over unicorns is finally becoming a reality for Kit. She befriends a guy named Virgil (Athie) who works at a hardware store, and they set out to create a shed and living area for the unicorn.

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