Movie Review: LAND

Movie Review: LAND


Director: Mike Cahill
Starring: Robin Wright, Demián Bichir, Kim Dickens

Robin Wright is a well accomplished actress, but you may not know that she also directed many episodes of her Netflix series House of Cards and is now making her feature film debut as a director with Land. Not only does Robin Wright direct the film, but she stars as Edee, a woman plagued with depression and trauma. She has a hard time being around people and can’t seem to open up and share what’s going on with her therapist. She decides her only remedy is to buy an old run-down cabin in the middle of the woods to isolate herself from the rest of the world. She’s not totally adept at living in the woods leading to survival issues against the bitter cold. It’s not until a stranger played be Demián Bichir finds her, rehabilitates her, and helps her find herself again all without judgment.

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