Director: Zelda Williams
Starring: Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse, Carla Gugino, Liza Soberano, Trina LaFargue, Jenna Davis, Joshua Montes, Joe Chrest

Oscar winning writer Diablo Cody has garnered praise for her coming of age dramas, and her horror comedy Jennifer’s Body has gained a cult classic status. Now she’s back for a zombie love story with Lisa Frankenstein. The film marks the debut for director Zelda Williams who seems to share a similar mindset as Cody in what they set out for. The film is set in 1989 as stars Kathryn Newton as 17-year-old Lisa who is a bit of a loner and outcast in school and at home. She has spent years listening to gossip and rumors about her family. She spends her extra time outside of school visiting Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. There she visits the grave of a young man who tragically died at a young age. After a horrible night at a class party, she’s slipped a hallucinogen in her cocktail and wishes she could one day meet the young man in a future life. Lisa loves a good monster movie and life seems to imitate art when a zombie breaks into her house and attacks her. Good ol’ Lisa realizes The Creature (Sprouse) is the young man she’s been pining over in the cemetery. A connection forms between them, and Lisa sets out to help the Creature by way of a tanning bed to jolt him back to life one limb at a time. In theaters

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