Movie Review: ARGYLLE

Movie Review: ARGYLLE


Director: Matthew Vaughn
Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, John Cena, Catherine O’Hara, Bryan Cranston, Ariana DeBose, Dua Lipa, Samuel L. Jackson

Matthew Vaughn put a fresh spin on the spy genre with his film Kingsman: The Secret Service. He’s back at with a new spy character who is full of surprises in Argylle. Henry Cavill makes for the quintessential spy with his dashing good looks, British accent, and the ability to take anyone down. He’s got his team in place and ready to aid in his escape plan. They’re played by John Cena and Ariana DeBose.  He can get out of any situation as he has for four different adventures. See, they’re characters in a spy novel series written by Elly Conway whose played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She’s out promoting her fourth novel while putting the finishing touches on the fifth book. That is until a call from her mom (O’Hara) convinces her that the fifth book isn’t quite up to par as the others. Elly’s books have oddly predicted what happens in the real espionage world. She finds herself caught up in a real spy adventure when she meets Sam Rockwell’s character on a train who tells her she’s in grave danger and that a sinister group is out to use her to predict where some dangerous codes and files could be located. She finds herself in way over her head as life imitates art, and she has no one to trust except her cat, Alfie. In theaters

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