Movie Review: FINCH

Movie Review: FINCH


Director: Miguel Sapochnik
Starring: Tom Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones

There are not many actors who could pull off a movie about a man, his robot, and his dog. Leave it to Tom Hanks to make the film Finch a compelling story about the human condition. The world has become a post-apocalyptic waste land and Finch Weinberg (Hanks) is one of the sole-remaining survivors. It’s a barren wasteland of dust and sand in every major city. Finch lives in an underground bunker in St. Louis with his dog Goodyear and a land rover. His current focus is building a fully functioning robot companion. As this AI droid becomes more advanced, it predicts a storm hitting St. Louis. Finch realizes their compound is no longer safe and heads out in a RV with Goodyear, his landrover, and his new droid, which he names Jeff, to find better shelter. Caleb Landry Jones also stars in the film as Jeff.

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