Movie Review: FLAG DAY

Movie Review: FLAG DAY


Director: Sean Penn
Starring: Dylan Penn, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Kathryn Winnick, Regina King, Hopper Penn

Sean Penn’s latest film finds him directing and starring opposite his daughter Dylan Penn in the true story Flag Day. It’s a complicated father daughter relationship for their characters, John Vogel and Jennifer Vogel.  Dylan Penn provides Jennifer’s voice over narration recounting their relationship. He was in and out of her life making reckless, imperfect decisions every step of the way. She always preferred life at her dad’s as he made it exciting with their adventures at his cabin home. Life with her mom (Katheryn Winnick) was filled with alcohol and her mom’s lecherous boyfriend. As the years passed, Jennifer got caught up in her own mess of drugs and alcohol running away and eventually moving back with her father. He continued to head down a dangerous path of get rich quick schemes, printing fake money, and years spent in jail after robbing a bank.

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