Movie Review: FOUR GOOD DAYS

Movie Review: FOUR GOOD DAYS


Director: Rodrigo García
Starring: Mila Kunis, Glenn Close, Joshua Leonard, Stephen Root, Chad Lindberg, Violet Brinson

Mila Kunis shows off her range in the new film Four Good Days as she steps far away from the traditional comedies she’s known for and tackles the pain of addiction. She stars as Molly, a heroine addict who comes knocking on her mother’s door begging for help. Her mom, Deb played by Glenn Close, has been in this situation many times before and shuts the door in her daughter’s face. She’s been hearing the “I’ve changed” speech for ten years now and can’t take the hurt and pain again. The next morning Molly agrees to let her mom take her to a rehab facility. Molly has been through detox programs fourteen times prior, but now there’s a medicated treatment regimen that could be her only hope. Molly must continue to stay sober for four more days in order to start this new, and hopefully, final treatment for her addiction. Now in select theaters.

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