1. I’m planning to see this is in the weekend as I know that a lot of people won’t like it. I’m a Malick fan but I’m going to watch this with very low expectations.

    I heard from one critic that this film is actually part of an informal trilogy based on Malick’s own life. The Tree of Life was in some ways was about his life as a child and his family as well as his relationship to his brother who did kill himself. To the Wonder was partially about his second marriage and bringing her to America where things went wrong while the character Rachel McAdams played is actually a fictionalized version of his current wife. This film I heard is largely based on his time in Hollywood during the 1970s where he was this hot screenwriter and had just scored with Badlands but struggled to deal with that world.

    1. Author

      Hey Steven, have you had a chance to see Knight of cups yet? Thoughts from a Malick fan?

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