Movie Review: LITTLE

Movie Review: LITTLE


Director: Tina Gordon
Starring: Regina Hall, Marsai Martin, Issa Rae, Mikey Day, Justin Hartley

As a kid, Jordan Sanders (Martin) was the girl in class who was wicked smart, but bullied and teased due to her love of learning. She told herself that one day she would grow up and be the boss so she could bully others around. That very thing happened, and now as an adult (Hall), she runs her own tech company and is the diva boss hated by her employees. Jordan’s assistant, April (Rae), is at a loss as to how to work with her any longer. She has big projects and goals of her own, but Jordan refuses to see her as anything more than her assistant. A little girl hanging around the office sees Jordan’s behavior toward her coworkers and pretends to cast a spell on her to turn her little again so she can’t bully people. The next morning Jordan wakes up in the body of her thirteen-year-old self. She’s forced to go back to school where she remembers what it’s like to be bullied. This also forces April to take charge of the company and put herself first for once in her career.

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