Movie Review: MARRY ME

Movie Review: MARRY ME


Director: Kat Coiro
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, Owen Wilson, Sarah Silverman, John Bradley, Michelle Buteau

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the rom com genre after hits like The Wedding Planner and Maid in Manhattan. Now she wants to win over Valentine’s Day audiences with Marry Me. Whether she will admit it or not, Jennifer Lopez’s character Kat Valdez seems pretty inspired by her own life and career. Kat is an accomplished global pop star, always in the headlines, always the butt of late-night jokes. She’s set to marry Bastian (Maluma), another Latin pop star, live on stage during a joint concert. Her happiest day turns to shambles when Page Six releases photos of Bastian cheating on her the very moment she’s taking the stage in her wedding dress. Kat pulls a fast one, rewriting the narrative by choosing a random audience member and marrying him instead. He’s Charlie Gilbert, a single father and math teacher played by Owen Wilson. Kat convinces Charlie to go along with the fake relationship charade for a few months, and you can naturally guess what happens next. In theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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