Movie Review: MOONFALL

Movie Review: MOONFALL


Director: Roland Emmerich
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, John Bradley, Charlie Plummer, Michael Peña, Donald Sutherland

Roland Emmerich has become synonymous with disaster flicks like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012, and yet, some feel like an actual disaster like his new film Moonfall. Expectations going into a movie like this are key. You’ll want to grab your big bucket of popcorn and leave all realism at the door. Moonfall stars Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper. He’s a disgraced former NASA astronaut whose been blamed for the accidental death of another astronaut while doing a satellite repair mission. That scene kicks off the movie alarming the audience there’s something inside the moon. Roughly twelve years later, he’s brought back to NASA thanks to his former work spouse played by Halle Berry who needs his help when a mysterious force knocks the moon it’s out of its orbit barreling toward Earth. The other key player here is Game of Thrones actor John Bradley who plays KC Housman. He’s space geek who believes in all sorts of conspiracy theories and first noticed this idea of the moon out of orbit, but NASA wouldn’t take him seriously.

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