Movie Review: MÚSICA

Movie Review: MÚSICA


Writer/Director: Rudy Mancuso
Starring: Rudy Mancuso, Camila Mendes, Francesca Reale, JB Smoove

There’s music all around us, and writer/director Rudy Mancuso wants us to explore all the intricate sounds life throws at us. His new film Música is an autobiographical movie based on Mancuso’s life. He wrote, directed and stars as himself looking back at a challenging period of his life. He lives in Newark, New Jersey, goes to school and performs in the subway by singing with a puppet. He has a condition known as synesthesia where he hears everyday sounds as musical beats, rhythms, and notes. His attention span is short as his mind is always somewhere else, which comes to a head with girlfriend, Haley (Reale), who decides to break up with him. He soon meets Isabella (Mendes) at a fish market and it becomes a meet cute between them. She admires his quirky musical sensibilities, but their newfound budding romance is put to the test when Haley comes back into Rudy’s life wanting to rekindle their old flame. Now streaming on Prime Video

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