Director: Lisa Joy
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton, Maria de Tavira, Cliff Curtis

The ability to watch someone else’s memory recall sits at the center of the new Hugh Jackman film Reminiscence. It takes place in what seems to be the near future however Miami now looks like Venice, Italy with its rising water. It’s rotten to the core with corruption after a war tore the city apart. Hugh Jackman’s character Nick Bannister runs a private company that allows clients to submerge themselves in a tank of water to recall memories and nostalgia. He mentions in the voice over narration that “The past can haunt a man. These moments are like beads on the necklace of time.” His past comes to haunt Nick with his new client played by Rebecca Ferguson. She plays May, an elusive lounge singer with a mysterious past. They engage in a brief steamy affair but then she vanishes leading him down a web of memories figuring out what happened to her.

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