Movie Review: SPENCER

Movie Review: SPENCER


Director: Pablo Larraín
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins, Jack Farthing, Jack Nielen, Freddie Spry

The life of Princess Diana continues to be explored with director Pablo Larraín’s new film Spencer. Don’t expect this film to be the traditional lifespan biopic. It’s an intimate look at three days in Diana Spencer’s marriage to Prince Charles who’s played by Jack Farthing. It’s Christmas Eve 1991 as Diana arrives at the Queen’s estate in Norfolk to celebrate the holidays. It’s a volatile time as she’s contemplating the future that she wants to have with Charles who would rather be with Camila Parker-Bowles. Diana is clearly excited to see her boys, William and Harry, but she’s over the pomp and circumstance that comes with the Royal traditions and way of living at the estate. She feels trapped under a microscope with cameras and staff watching her every move. Now in theaters

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