Movie Review: SUNCOAST

Movie Review: SUNCOAST


Director: Laura Chinn
Starring: Nico Parker, Laura Linney, Woody Harrelson, Daniella Taylor, Amarr, Ella Anderson

The new Hulu film Suncoast has a script taken from the Black List which is comprised of the best screenplays that have yet to be produced. It’s little gems like this that deserve your attention. Suncoast boasts terrific performances with Laura Linney playing Kristine who is slowing watching her son live in a vegetative state in hospice. He’s near his final days, but what she’s not realizing is that her daughter, Doris (Parker), still deserves her attention and love. It comes at a fraught time as Doris’ brother is staying at the same care center as Terri Schiavo whose similar case is making headlines all around the world. All Doris wants is to live like a normal teen. When she’s not being yelled at by her mom, she’s with her friends having sleepovers, getting a fake ID, and taking driving lessons from Paul, an activist fighting for Terri Schiavo outside the care center. It feels like a role tailer-made for Woody Harrelson despite him having limited screen time. Now streaming on Hulu

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