Movie Review: THE OUTFIT

Movie Review: THE OUTFIT


Director: Graham Moore
Starring: Mark Rylance, Dylan O’Brien, Johnny Flynn, Zoey Deutch

Oscar and Tony winner Mark Rylance is always a reliable actor which is evident in the taught new thriller The Outfit. It’s Chicago 1956 and Rylance stars as Leonard who is quick to remind you that he’s a cutter, not a tailor. His narration provides double duty and his work making suits is one of fine precision and quality as he reminds you that you must understand who you’re making it for. There’s a drop box in the back of his store where mysteries envelopes are dropped off and picked up. Two of his customers Rickie (O’Brien) and Francis (Flynn) find themselves in a heap of trouble. One of the envelopes is marked with the stamp of The Outfit, an underground crime syndicate linked to Al Capone. Rickie and Francis rush in one night after Rickie is shot hoping to hide as everyone’s after a tape and briefcase they’ve gotten their hands on.

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