1. Good review, I feel a little on the fence on this one honestly but I think I’ll see it again next week. It definitely fits in line with Iñárritu’s other works, it feels like an Iñárritu film I suppose I’d say.

    Some random thoughts and observations: I saw this last night with in a packed theater at 10:20 and by the end of the runtime most of the audience looked very bored. A couple actually walked out during the climactic fight scene. I don’t know why. I overheard several conversations as we left the theater, “I understand why they wanted to make it that long, to immerse us or whatever, but it was just too slow.”

    The people I saw it with liked it a lot though. It got 9/10’s mostly. For me, I sort of had a similar feeling to when I saw Birdman, a beautiful film that pushes the boundaries of what cinema can do but strangely enough the characters left me feeling a little cold. I dunno, I might chalk it up to the Kubrick syndrome, if at first you don’t enjoy, watch it again.

    1. Author

      Hey Matthew! Did you get a chance to see it again? Even though its long and some of the middle is dialogue free, I never felt bored nor thought it was slow. Maybe the audience you saw it with were getting sleepy with a 10:20 showtime. Like you said, I love that it is a movie that pushes the boundaries of what cinema can do and how you go about telling a story. I like your comparison to Kubrick.

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