Movie Review: UNCLE FRANK

Movie Review: UNCLE FRANK


Writer/Director: Alan Ball
Starring: Paul Bettany, Peter Macdissi, Sophia Lillis, Stephen Root, Judy Greer, Margo Martindale, Lois Smith, Steve Zahn

Families are more than the people you are born into. Sometimes it’s the chosen families that make us who we are. They offer the space and environment to make us feel whole. Writer/director Alan Ball explores those identities in his new film Uncle Frank. Paul Bettany takes on the title character. He lives in New York, and as a gay man in the early 1970s he never felt quite at home with his biological family. He still remains closeted to all of them except his niece, Beth, played by Sophia Lillis. She’s going to school where her Uncle Frank works which provides a comforting place for them to bond and get to know each other outside the confines of the small town where they grew up. When Frank’s father, Daddy Mac, passes away, a road trip back home conjures up memories of the destructive relationship he had with his father and the first boy he ever loved. Now streaming on Amazon Prime

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