Movie Review: V/H/S/85

Movie Review: V/H/S/85


Directors: David Bruckner, Mike P. Nelson, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Natasha Kermani, Scott Derrickson
Starring: Jordan Belfi, Alex Galick, Toussaint Morrison, Anna Sunberg, Gabriela Roel, Evie Bair, Chivonne Michelle, James Ransone, Freddy Rodriguez

The horror anthology franchise V/H/S started back in 2012 after the found footage subgenre was piping hot. We’re now six installments in with V/H/S/85 heading back to the ‘80s. Each V/H/S entry is a collection of horror shorts that pose as found footage taken from home videos or professional recordings of some nature. The overall vision allows horror directors some who are well established and some amateur to experiment with the genre. The last few entries have all focused on a year with V/H/S/94 and V/H/S/99 coming before 85. I find each V/H/S entry I’ve seen to be somewhat experimental, which is probably the point of what draws filmmakers and audiences to them.

Titles include:

“Total Copy” – director David Bruckner

“No Wake/Ambrosia” – director Mike P. Nelson

“God of Death” – director Gigi Saul Guerrero

“TKNOGD” – director Natasha Kermani

“Dreamkill” – director Scott Derrickson

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