Movie Review: WINDFALL

Movie Review: WINDFALL


Director: Charlie McDowell
Starring: Jason Segel, Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins, Omar Leyva

Much like The Outfit that’s also releasing this week, Netflix’s latest release, Windfall, is a small-ensemble thriller with a few surprises along the way. Jason Segel is credited in the film as Nobody. We see him wandering the grounds of a gorgeous little getaway home in Ojai, California. It’s clearly not his house but he’s leaving his mark in more ways than one as he cases the joint. Before he’s done robbing the place, the owners CEO and Wife (Plemons and Collins) walk in catching him in the act. He’s a young billionaire tech CEO, while she works for his charity foundation. Nobody keeps them hostage, but his mission doesn’t quite go to plan leaving him fumbling along the way. The film also stars Omar Leyva as the gardener.

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