Paul McGuire Grimes Presents: THE BREAKFAST CLUB

Paul McGuire Grimes Presents: THE BREAKFAST CLUB


You can’t discuss ’80s cinema without bringing up the legacy of writer/director John Hughes. His films ranging from The Breakfast Club to Sixteen Candles to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off spoke to a generation of moviegoers who saw themselves in his teen characters. He frequently used the same actors who would go on to be nicknamed “The Brat Pack.”

For me, I’ve always resonated with The Breakfast Club the most in its depiction of five teens spending Saturday in detention. The notion that they were all pigeoholed into one stereotype “the brain, the basketcase, the criminal…” left its mark. I remember putting Anthony Michael Hall’s speech/essay on the outside of my locker and having it taken down day after day. My friend, Gina, and I would quote it in homeroom allllll the time!

I’m so excited to show it as part of my film series “Paul McGuire Grimes Presents” at Emagine Theaters Eagan for September. Tickets are now on sale and are selling fast! Join me Sunday, September 24 at 3:00pm for the movie and a discussion to follow

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