Movie Review: A GOOD PERSON

Movie Review: A GOOD PERSON


Director: Zach Braff
Starring: Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, Molly Shannon, Celeste O’Connor, Chinaza Uche

Zach Braff has proven himself time and time again in the world of comedy, but now he’s tackling opioid addiction and alcoholism in his new film A Good Person. Braff is behind the camera writing and directing the film. It stars Florence Pugh as Allison whose life is turned upside down after a fatal car accident that killed the two passengers she was driving. They were soon to be her in-laws and out were wedding dress shopping for her. A year passes and Allison is not in a good place. She’s become addicted to opioids and is no longer with her fiancé, Nathan (Uche). The other story in the film follows Celeste O’Connor’s character, Ryan, a young girl whose parents died in the accident. She now lives with her grandfather, Daniel, who is a recovering alcoholic. One day Allison sees Daniel at an AA meeting complicating their roads to recovery as they navigate a new relationship of healing through their connected past trauma.

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