Movie Review: GOOD ON PAPER

Movie Review: GOOD ON PAPER


Director: Kimmy Gatewood
Starring: Iliza Shlesinger, Margaret Cho, Ryan Hansen, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Matt McGorry, Mav Viola

You may know Iliza Shlesinger from her many standup comedy specials streaming on Netflix. She’s written her first film with Good On Paper which is also streaming on Netflix. The film’s tagline is that this film is “mostly based on a true story” as Iliza writes her character Andrea much like herself and a very specific dating story of hers. Andrea is a stand up comedian on the road traveling to different clubs all while trying to land a part in a good TV project. At the airport, Andrea bumps into Dennis, played by Ryan Hansen, a Yale alum who seems down to Earth and practical despite having that fancy job as a hedge fund manager. Andrea and Dennis play that awkward game of wanting each other but are too afraid to say it. There are some red flags and Dennis’ stories don’t always seem to add up. That’s where Andrea’s best friend Margo, Margaret Cho, comes into play as they try to crack the case on what’s going on with Dennis.

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