Movie Review: STRAYS

Movie Review: STRAYS


Director: Josh Greenbaum
Starring: Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, Randall Park, Will Forte

Having Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx voice stray dog characters doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but their new movie Strays may just be one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Will Ferrell voices, Reggie, an energetic and loving Border Terrior who claims “Every day is the best day ever.” He doesn’t realize that his owner, Doug (Forte), absolutely hates him. Doug doesn’t have a job, girlfriend, is getting eviction notices and lays around the house getting high all day. Doug hates Reggie so much he drives him three hours away only to abandon him in a dark alley. We’re only five minutes in, and I already started to question where this was going. There, Reggie meets Bug, a Boston Terrior voiced by Jamie Foxx, who is also a stray. We get his backstory later in the movie. Bug is full of attitude and welcomes Reggie to the stray life. After meeting two more dogs, an Australian Shepard  named Maggie (Fisher) and a Hunter, a Great Dane Hunter voiced by Randall Park, they decide to seek their revenge on Doug for his years of mistreatment.

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