Movie Review: THE MENU

Movie Review: THE MENU


Director: Mark Mylod
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Hong Chau, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Janet McTeer, Judith Light, Reed Birney, John Leguizamo

Twists, turns, jaw-dropping moments, that’s what’s on the menu for the new satire, The Menu. Ralph Fiennes is quite diabolical as the head chef of a fancy, secluded fine dining restaurant. The guests arrive via boat to a private island as they get a tour of the grounds prior to the dinner. They include a food critic played by Janet McTeer, a hot shot actor played by John Leguizamo, and a young couple played by Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult. Hoult’s character, Tyler, is obsessed with the creation of food, cooking shows, and idolizes the artistry of a menu. His girlfriend, Margot, is along for the evening but grows annoyed at Tyler’s worship of the pretentious nature at hand. The four-hour, multi course dinner starts off innocent enough but as the plates arrive, it becomes quite clear Chef knows the deep dirty secrets of his guests and isn’t afraid to expose them. And that’s just the beginning of what director Mark Mylod has in store.

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