THE FUGITIVE 30th Anniversary

THE FUGITIVE 30th Anniversary

THE FUGITIVE 30th Anniversary

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is thrilled to announce a new 4K release of The Fugitive to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. The 1993 action thriller starring Harrison Ford is timeless and a must-own for anyone who collects physical media. I recently got to interview director Andrew Davis (see video below) who claims this is the definitive way to view the movie given it went through a total picture and sound restoration. Ford plays Dr. Richard Kimble, a renowned Chicago doctor who is accused of murdering his wife. He claims it was “the one-armed man” while he was out for the night. It becomes an all out chase for Dr. Richard Kimble who escapes and becomes a man on the run after a train crash. Tommy Lee Jones stars as Deputy U.S. Marshall Sam Gerard who will stop at nothing to capture him. The film was nominated for seven Oscars including Best Picture with Tommy Lee Jones winning for Best Supporting Actor.

Here’s what to expect on the new release

Special Features
-Introduction by Director Andrew Davis and Harrison Ford
Commentary by Andrew Davis and Tommy Lee Jones
-“The Fugitive: Thrill of the Chase”
-“On the Run with the Fugitive”
-“Derailed: Anatomy of a Train Wreck”
-Theatrical Trailer

Here’s my interview with director Andrew Davis

Here’s an “unboxing” video with a look at the 4K release


New #4K #BluRay from is the 30th anniversary edition of #TheFugitive starring #HarrisonFord and #OscarWinner #TommyLeeJones I love this movie! And also out is the new release #TheNun2 Let me know what you think in the comments. #physicalmedia #unboxing @Warner Bros. Movies

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