Movie Review: EZRA

Movie Review: EZRA


Director: Tony Goldwyn
Starring: Bobby Cannavale, William A. Fitzgerald, Robert De Niro, Rose Byrne, Whoopi Goldberg

Tony Goldwyn goes behind the camera directing the personal new film, Ezra. The film looks at the parenting challenges that come with raising a child on the autism spectrum. Bobby Cannavale stars as Max, a stand-up comic who struggles with what is best for his son, Ezra, who is autistic. Ezra is played newcomer William A. Fitzgerald who is also autistic in real life. Ezra is getting into trouble at school to the point of being expelled. Max along with his ex-wife, Jenna (Byrne), disagree on getting Ezra extra help by sending him to a special needs school with other kids like Ezra. Max doesn’t believe Ezra needs the extra attention. Some could say that Max is ignoring the reality of Ezra’s needs. Max finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place between work and family. He’s finally getting a chance to appear on Jimmy Kimmel but needs to address Ezra’s needs. After Ezra leaves his house one night, Max decides to take him on a road trip to California for his appearance on Kimmel. In theaters

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