1. Hey Paul! What a great list… I haven’t seen Boyhood or The Grand Budapest Hotel yet but they are definitely on my list. Did you not see “The Skeleton Twins”? I may have missed it on your list… that was definitely one of my favorite movies of the year, especially with the lip-syncing scene. I definitely felt my favorite movies of the year were the strictly entertaining ones – Muppets Most Wanted, Xmen, Captain America… Even Draft Day was surprisingly enjoyable! I was thoroughly disappointed by most of the serious ones I saw, and disappointed by a few that could have been good/better (Labor Day, The Giver). Hopefully 2015 is a better year! (And PS: On the Waterfront is a phenomenal movie… I’m so glad you finally saw it! Young Marlon Brando… HOT and incredibly talented).

    -Briana 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Briana!
      So great to hear from you. It’s funny that you mention “The Skeleton Twins” as I just watched that yesterday morning and really enjoyed it. Bill Hader was wonderful in it. I’m planning on talking about it on “Twin Cities Live” this week. I totally agree about Labor Day and The Giver. Disappointing for sure. I think I gave them favorable reviews only because I love Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep so much that they made them watchable.

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