Movie Review: PERSUASION

Movie Review: PERSUASION


Director: Carrie Cracknell
Starring: Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, Henry Golding, Richard E. Grant

Jane Austen continues to enchant writers and moviegoers long after her books were published. The latest page to screen adaptation of one of her classics is the Dakota Johnson-led Persuasion streaming on Netflix. The novel may have been published in 1817 shortly after her death, but this new take offers up a slightly new concept for telling this story. Dakota Johnson breaks the fourth wall and addresses her audience as Ann Elliot and informs us she was almost married once to Frederick Wentworth who held her heart but was persuaded not to marry him. He’s played by Cosmo Jarvis. Now she’s claims to be single and thriving but is only being sarcastic as she’s crying and sulking. She’s the middle sister of three while her father (Grant) loves money and vanity. She’s still pining for Wentworth eight years later and finds out he’s coming back into town. Her heart beats even faster when she lays eyes on him. Her road to love is a bumpy one given Louisa Musgrove also has her eyes on Wentworth but then the dashing Mr. Elliott (Golding) comes to town and appears ready to win over Anne.

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