Movie Review: FEAR STREET PART THREE: 1666

Movie Review: FEAR STREET PART THREE: 1666


Director: Leigh Janiak
Starring: Kiana Madeira, Olivia Scott Welch, Benjamin Flores Jr., Gillian Jacobs,Sadie Sink, Ashley Zukerman, Fred Hechinger

Netflix’s new Fear Street trilogy comes to an end after three weeks of nostalgic and thrilling scares. The final chapter, Fear Street Part Three: 1666, is now streaming. Director Leigh Janiak has taken a love of R.L. Stine’s book series from the 1990s and turned it in a satisfying trilogy and Part Three: 1666 goes back to where it all started with the legend of the witch Sarah Fier. She’s played by Kiana Madiera who played Deena in the 1994 and 1978 entries. You’ll see lots of double casting in the 1666 chapter. There’s a full moon on the rise and the young townspeople head out in the woods to frolic and celebrate. When she and Hannah are caught making out, word spreads fast as allegations are made against their supposed wickedness and perversion. A dark curse comes over the community haunting Shadyside for centuries.

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